Tarantula Molting



Is your tarantula refusing to eat? Or is he being really moody lately.  If so, your pet tarantula might be getting ready to molt! Although this phenomenon does not happen to all tarantulas, do not be alarmed when it does. During this molting stage, you might notice droplets of fluids seeping through the tarantulas leg joints. A balding abdomen is also very common. Remember to always remove uneaten food (should be done regularly anyways), this is especially important during this stage as mentioned above, this is your tarantulas most vulnerable state. Even its prey for instance, a cricket, could potentially hurt the tarantula if not given enough time to recuperate.


Recuperating from the molting stage takes about a week, sometimes even up to two weeks for adult tarantulas. During this process it is extremely important to not disturb it and leave it alone! Do not attempt to feed until at least five days have passed since the molting stage. Also, ensure that your pet tarantula gets fresh water daily.

Check out this video of a tarantula molting

When your tarantula has successfully molted, I usually remove the molt immediately with a pair of tweezers that can be purchased anywhere, but I use 12-Inch Stainless Steel Tweezers these also come in handy when feeding your tarantula since I feed them individually using the same tweezers. Just use the tweezers, grab the cricket in the middle section and drop it close to the tarantula (within a leg span of the tarantula).