Avicularia Versicolor | Pink Toe Tarantula



Avicularia Versicolor (Pink Toe Tarantula)


Avicularia Versicolor (Pink Toe Tarantula)The Avicularia Versicolor also known as the Pink Toe Tarantula or the Antilles tree spider is another recommend choice for beginner hobbyist. Native to Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea, where humidity is relatively high at all times. Thus, these tarantulas require those who are willing to put in the extra time to ensure that humidity and temperature requirements are almost to a tee. The Avicularia Versicolor, being tree-dwelling by nature allows for a more naturalistic terrarium, live plants, barks etc. In fact, when in captivity, the height of the terrarium / cage outweighs the floor space. A recommended setup for arboreal species like the Avicularia Versicolor is providing it plenty of objects to climb around in the enclosure. It should also be well ventilated, else this results in mold and mildew. Since these tarantulas are arboreal, they prefer to make their webs closer to the top of their terrarium. For this reason, it is highly recommended to purchase an enclosure that opens from the side, not the top. This prevents damage to the web every time you handle your tarantula and saves it from unnecessary stress. When purchasing one of these tarantulas, you will immediately notice that the spiderlings are brightly blue coloured (see picture below). As they grow older (after a series of molting) the start to take on the color of the tarantula on the right. The docile temperaments of these pets makes it a great introduction for anyone interested into to the word of tarantulas, and they would rather flee that bite or flick their hairs at you. Being hardy by nature, they will be able tolerate temperatures ranging from 60 – 80 degrees F (general room temperature).  Humidity for these species of tarantulas should be kept between 70 – 80%. Hydration is plays a huge role in preventing a dead spider. Although it requires a lot of monitoring and work on your part, it is well worth it. A good rule of thumb is to mist the tarantula enclosure every 2 -3 days and allowing it to dry out. In general, an Avicularia Versicolor adult will eat every 3 – 10 days, while a spiderling will eat more often, every 2 – 5 days. For more information regarding feeding this wonderful species, check out the feeding your tarantula section. The skittish nature and slightly harder to obtain humidity levels is why the Avicularia Versicolor is not entirely a beginner species, if however, you are willing to be a bit more attentive in the humidity and temperatures of its enclosure. Then surely, this is one of the most beautiful, interesting and rewarding species kept in the hobby.

Avicularia Versicolor care sheet

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
Type: Arboreal (Tree dwelling)
Food: Spiderlings will eat crickets, and smaller insects (insect must be at most 3/4 of the spiderlings size). Adults will eat crickets,flies, moths sometimes even lizards or a pinky mouse.
Maximum Size: 5- 6 inches
Growth Rate: Medium to Fast
Temperament: Docile and Skittish
Lifespans: Males: (2 – 3 years) Females: (8 – 12 years)

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Check out this Avicularia Versicolor in Action

Avicularia Versicolor | Pink Toe Tarantula Avicularia Versicolor | Pink Toe Tarantula

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