Do Tarantulas drink water?

Do Tarantulas drink water

Drinking Water For Tarantulas

Do Tarantulas drink water? For tarantulas, like most spiders they acquire most of their water from their food. It is sometimes even said that the water from food alone is sufficient. Although this can be true, it usually varies from tarantula to tarantula, factors like size, environment presented to the tarantula and age play a crucial role. Without burrows that act as a natural protection, tarantulas lose water faster than it receives from the food source. Thus, it is a good idea to provide a small, shallow dish of fresh water to these creatures when in captivity. You might notice that the tarantula does not drink much water but that’s perfectly fine as water for the tarantula provides natural evaporation that will also provide beneficial humidity. However, if you notice your Tarantula’s abdomen is shriveled, make sure you give it food and water.  This is a sign of under feeding and dehydration.

The dish containing the water should not be too deep, but it should be large enough that your tarantula can submerge its Chelicera and fangs to drink from the it. Things like sponges, paper towels, cotton, or cricket gel should never be considered as an alternative to water dishes. Not only do they potentially more likely to harbor harmful bacteria in large quantities, it gets dirty and mouldy and that certainly does not provide the moisture your tarantula needs. Always provide clean tap water, fresh water should also be provided daily.

I recommend Zoo Med Reptile Rock Food Dish, inexpensive and naturally beautiful. However, any shallow water dish would work just fine, one thing to note is that it has to be shallow. Lids off empty jars can work as long as they fulfill the requirements. This is because crickets and other insects can drown in very minimal water.


If however you live in a very dry climate, water can also be provided by just lightly misting the substrate and/or sides of the enclosure. Never spray the spider directly and take care to not create overly damp conditions (this can be fatal if swampy like conditions are present). Most pet tarantulas that I recommend on this website are either grassland or desert species (with the exception of the Avicularia Versicolor) that should have a mostly dry cage, although having a small, damp area near the water dish can be helpful. Tropical species require elevated humidity. Remember to always research your pet’s individual needs and provide accordingly. If you have a specific tarantula in mind that you would like to research on, check out our “types of tarantulas section at the top of the page.


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Check out this rare footage of a Tarantula Drinking Water

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